A Warm Celebration of Recovery (Podcast)

The interwoven ribbons are symbolic of OA unity

Unity in Recovery, Recovery in Unity

Unity Day 2015 was a warm celebration of members acknowledging the importance of “Unity” in recovery. Two speakers, shared their powerful stories of tenacity and commitment to our Overeaters Anonymous program. They both described the power of the 12 Steps in the different phases of their journey and were very candid about their struggles and their triumphs. It confirmed the “gift of hope and possibility” OA offers.

Our celebration concluded with an opportunity to write our personal definition of “Unity” on a ribbon. These were then woven together, illustrating the power of “fellowship” as we each reach out our hand to another who shares our disease.

Listen and Share the OA Recovery

We were pleased to have 2 exceptional speakers at the 2015 Unity Day in Denver. Please listen in…

LindaRae’s Share

Lee’s Share

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