Compulsive Eating and the Holidays

[Warning: this article references a website that, while dealing with issues of addiction, is external to OA. Accordingly, no endorsement by Overeaters Anonymous at any level is either implied or given.]

Smart food strategies for the holidaysThanksgiving, Christmas, New Years… It’s a brutal time of the year to be a compulsive eater. As a practicing bulimic for over 30 years, this time of the year brought my disease to a fever pitch.

You can cool your savage (eating) beast with great advice from a recent article titled Coping with Food Addiction Through the Holiday Season that appeared on Four food addicts, including at least one OAer, were interviewed for their strategies to survive the holidays with food plans, and waistbands, intact.

Staying connected with your program, having a plan, bringing your own meal to holiday celebrations and even skipping events all together are discussed.

Click the link above to find out how these 4 food ‘addicts’ with 103 years of abstinence between them keep their disease at bay during the holidays and through out the year!

Share Your Strategies

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