2014 OA Convention Recordings

Welcome to the 2014 Colorado State OA Convention Revisited. Here you can listen to most of the keynotes, workshops and other events that made this year’s OA State Convention so full of recovery for the nearly 100 attendees.

Our dedicated volunteers have worked hard to get the event recordings ready for online distribution. We’ve got our first batch up and we we’ll have the rest up shortly. They’re free to listen to, get inspired by and pass along to others who will welcome the message of recovery in OA.

Note: Click the Play Button below the title to listen to the session from your browser or Right Click on the “Download” link to the right of the title to save the session to your PC.

Keynote Speaker Friday Night (Download)

How Do You Hear the Voice of Your Higher Power? (Download)

Why Would God Care about My Food (Download)

Virtual Meetings (Download)

Coming Closer to Higher Power Through the Steps (Download)

Casting out the Demon of Perfectionism (Download)

Overwhelm is Out the Door – How I Simplify Program and Life to Have Time for Both? (Download)

Good Enough for Today: Living in the Middle Ground (Download)

Keynote Speaker Saturday Night (Download)

Panel: How Do I Define My HP Followed by Ask It Basket (Download)

A Tribute to Rozanne (Download)

Re-Entry (Download)

Listen to the recordings from the OA convention in Frisco Colorado

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3 Responses to 2014 OA Convention Recordings

  1. Mandy Ellis says:

    Hi! A member asked me, “How can we have the same free podcast for our 2013 OA state convention held in Ft Collins?” (regarding seeing the announcement about the FREE 2014 State Convention Podcast in Frisco).

    Any info I could pass on? Thanks!

  2. Heidi Boltman says:

    I am unable to download the convention. All that happens to me (and others) is that the session starts playing immediately. I don’t know how to download it to my iPod Classic or iPhone so I can listen to them later.

    Can someone please help me?

    • Central Colorado OA says:

      Hi Heidi,

      Thank you for your question. We’re sorry you’ve had trouble accessing the recordings on your Apple devices.

      Not sure what browser you use but you’ll notice that each session has a “Download” link and, below that, a built in player. If you right click (not sure of the Apple command) and select “Save Link As…”, or the similar command in your browser you should be able to save the file to your computer and then transfer it to your Apple device. I’m not sure of the process on an Apple device but I can save the file directly to my Android phone by navigating the page and long-pressing the link then selecting “Save link”. Alternatively, I can play the recording directly on my phone by selecting the Play button corresponding to the session I want to hear.

      Hope this helps. Best…

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