Eating OUR Food for the Holidays

Have a happy, abstinent holiday in OA

Are you having trouble with the overabundance of holiday treats? I heard this from a fellow OA member and it’s helping me.

Think of the treats, etc, as “their food, not ours”. “Their food” is food that normal eaters can eat without repercussion; it does not trigger the physical craving that we have to keep eating or the mental obsession to justify just one bite.

“Our food” is the food each of us eats that is on our food plan and what we eat to maintain our abstinence. If it makes us sound special because we have our own food, well, so be it. We are special. We have eating disorders and we cannot manage our food without help.

So, for the rest of the holiday season, I am looking at it as “their food, not our (or my) food”.

I hope you all have a peaceful, serene holiday. Remember the telephone meeting marathons on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, News Years Eve and New Years Day. There are meetings every hour on the hour around regularly scheduled meetings.

Together we get better!

Bev J

photo credit: Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via photopin cc

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