The Mother of All OA Speakers Bureaus – LAIG

Editor’s Update: We noticed that 95 of the LAIG’s podcasts are available for free through the Apple iTunes store.

Got program? You will after you listen to the hundreds of available podcasts from the LA Intergroups Virtual Speakers Group. That’s right, 100’s and they’re free to listen to online or download to your computer or portable music player.

Here’s what the LAIG says:

We of the L.A. Intergroup consider ourselves fortunate to live in an area where we can hear from so many strong and inspirational program speakers. We wish to share their talks with you. Whether you are struggling in the middle of the night, living in a remote location, or just need a boost, these speakers will help you remember that you are not alone.

So go ahead, Make Your Day with experience, hope and strength … live from LA (or virtually so!).

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