OA Radio Series

Sound Bites from Overeaters Anonymous

A 12-Step Solution to Compulsive Eating

Listen to Voice America and find out how Overeaters Anonymous can help you with compulsive eating.Tune in to Voice America Internet Radio for a 13-week Internet radio show to help listeners better understand compulsive eating and OA’s recovery program. This weekly, one-hour program was originally broadcast from October 17 through January 9, 2013. Programs have been archived and can be listened to and downloaded now

Sound Bites from Overeaters Anonymous will share first-hand the personal struggles of compulsive eaters, and the strength, hope and recovery they found using OA’s Twelve-Step program.

Listen for these topics:

  • How and why a Twelve-Step program can work for compulsive eating.
  • How OA’s Plan of Eating differs from a diet.
  • The nine tools of Overeaters Anonymous.
  • Keeping your eating sane during the holiday season.
  • 100+ pounds to lose—is there hope for me in OA?
  • The three levels of recovery from compulsive eating.
  • What to expect at an OA meeting.
  • In all our affairs—how recovery in OA can improve every aspect of your life.
  • New Year’s resolutions—what can you do differently this time? And live call-in questions and answers.


Listeners can click, Sound Bites from Overeaters Anonymous on Voice America, to listen to archived episodes available 24/7.

Show Flyer

Download the Voice America OA show flyer and spread the word…

  • share it with your OA meetings, and
  • why not make copies and post it at the library, laundromats, doctors office and community bulletin boars?
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