Recovery reflections….

The interwoven ribbons are symbolic of OA unity

Many people form the fabric of my recovery

A member approached me today. She asked if I was available for “sponsoring?” Ugh! All the mixed feeling surfaced again. “Do I have time…do I want to sponsor another person….am I working my program perfectly enough?…etc..” I shared with her what has worked best for me.

Maybe we could meet and get to know one another first before we made any agreement/decision. As we parted I reflected on my own journey. I came into OA with hopes of getting my food in order; address what my addiction covered up; and possibly open up to the “light of recovery and freedom” folks said was available, once one entered into this 12 Step “way of life.”


I was a broken person on all fronts. I needed support and guidance to navigate daily life and heal the wounds of my past. OA members lovingly tried, but were limited in their ability to hold me up. What I realized and embraced over time, was that we all come into OA because we have issues with the food that cripples our ability to live life on life’s terms. We are told to work the steps, find a sponsor and use the tools. It is stressed, that in order to keep what we are given, we need to give it away.

With my literal mind, I had difficulty grasping what and how much and with whom to do this. I needed, as well as need, a lot of support….more than just one OA member can offer me. So, it has been a gift to myself, to create my own “sponsor team.” By default I went thru the steps the first few time with a number of different people. No one person had enough of what I needed. Over the years I have sought people who I resonate with, and reach out to them.

A Recovery Team

Consequently a team of sorts developed. It has been a vital aspect of my recovery. As I try to show up for life, a day at a time, there are numerous people I can reach out to assist in my walk. It has made all the difference.


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