Twelfth Step Within

TSW-HeartExciting News for TSW

Rita C and Maureen J have stepped up to be co-chairs for the Twelfth Step Within Committee. I am so thrilled for them both! OA events are vital to keeping our fellowship strong and connected! I have always appreciated the value of meeting members from other parts of the city; having a whole session on a particular topic; witnessing service in action and being moved by the face-to face meetings.

The Benefit of Service

While I did my tenure as stand-in TSW Chair, my life changed considerably. I felt very ill equipped to take on such a responsibility. I lacked organizational skills; felt very inept on the computer; had trouble taking a leadership role; was afraid to step out with any ideas; hated asking others for help. The list goes on and on.

Taking this position encouraged me to depend more on a higher power; to become willing to be “seen,” and more able to let go of the results. A couple of other members strongly supported my process and efforts throughout. These folks have become even closer than friends. We all brought our insecurities, neuroses, inadequacies, and false stories we believed about ourselves. But we also brought our willingness to step out and show up for something we believed in. As a result, our lives and programs have been better for it.

I wish these two women all the best in their new adventure. May their programs be strengthened and enriched as well. Please consider sharing your appreciation with them and show up to support their efforts. It will mean the world to them and even more so, might strenghten your own recovery….it did mine.

In humble service,


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