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What a wonderful way to spend Unity Day 2013 this past weekend, Saturday, February 23rd. For those who attended, the sharing was enlightening and inspiring. Both speakers shared hopefully and honestly with regards to what recovery, in connection with the theme of “Unity,” looked like in their lives, as well as their process it took to get there.

Cathy B. took us through the steps as she had experienced them. She shared how she experiences the power of the “we” in working the steps, in the rooms of the fellowship, with her sponsor and with her higher power.

Cathy’s Share [15:46]


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Marian P. shared about how Unity Day came about. Sometime in the past, members were discussing, possibly arguing, matters having to do with OA. Someone thought that focusing on what we had in common, rather than our differences might be more beneficial to OA as a whole. Out of this Unity Day was created in 1986. She also enlightened us with the idea of “suspending judgment” for say, just one hour. She pointed out how this can be an effective tool to keep in mind, when attending a meeting or during a stressful situation. She found that as a result, it had a profound impact on her perspective, as well as what she took away from either.

Marian’s Share [22:10]

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Another member shared, staying with the theme of “we,” that if one takes the “I” out of “ill and replaces it with “we”, then “ill becomes “well.” Once again, we experienced the power of “unity” among ourselves and with others worldwide, as we held hands and united in prayer. Thanks to our speakers, our moderator, and all those who came and participated in this day of celebration.

A Global Expression of OA Unity

OA is a spiritual program of recovery

OA is a spiritual program of recovery

At 12:30 Mountain time, we joined in simultaneous prayer with members of Overeaters Anonymous worldwide, reciting “Rozanne’s Prayer.” It was shared more than once, that the power of the “unified prayer,” was physically felt by some of those present.

It was uplifting and encouraging to share the day with others, whose support strengthened the sense of “unity” both here in Denver and internationally. We never know how our “share” might touch the life and recovery of someone else.

OA’s unity depends on each one of us taking action. This can take the form of coming to meetings, not necessarily for yourself, but to give back….it means taking the time to “reach out” to newcomers, those that are “invisible” and others who could use a “connection.”…..it means calling folks you haven’t seen in a while…it means participating in and supporting OA, to make sure it is available to all those suffering with our disease…it is reaching out to one another….it is being here today.

Appreciation extends to all those that made this special day happen. Thank you!

Honored to be able to serve,

Interim Twelfth Step Within Chair

PS – Please feel free to leave your comments and impressions of the event in the comments section that follows. Thank you!

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