The Business of OA

The Business of Running OA requires dedicated volunteersThe business of keeping an organization as large, widely distributed, and volunteer-fueled as Overeaters Anonymous running smoothly is a function of the efforts put forth by the volunteers who serve on local Intergroups, as Regional Representatives and as delegates to the World Service Business Conference (WSBC).

On this page you’ll find links to the results of the various proceedings that direct and guide the business of OA. Please contact your local Intergroup representative for more information and to inquire how you might contribute at these levels.

The following documents are now available at under “Frequently Used Documents.” Thanks!

  1. 2012 Wrap Up Report – This brief summary contains only the voting results from the 2012 WSBC in Albuquerque, NM. The motions are printed in their final format as amended. A Final Conference Report will be available in August 2012.
  2. WSBC 2012 Forum Notes – the focus of this forum was the principles associated with OA’s 12 Concepts.
    to raise awareness of how the Concepts can be used at all levels of service.
  3. Strategic Planning Notes – This is a pretty important document. It’s the 2013 Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives along with the 2012 Delegate Ideas for Service Bodies. This is the document that provides the foundation for taking OA’s vision forward.
  4. Strategic Planning Presentation – this presentation highlights the key points and action steps put forth in OA’s Strategic Plan.

For access to a complete list of currently available conference documents see the World Service Business Conference page at

Ask It Basket Questions

Here is a list of questions from the 2012 WSBC. For the answers, click to access the complete PDF document. Questions are listed in the order they appear:

  • PI is having a new “Voices of America” member sharing. Doesn’t the title exclude Regions 9 & 10? We understand it’s going to be available on
  • Does group autonomy allow us to revise the definition of the tools to be read in a meeting, or should all meetings read the same version of tools/definition? (we read and share on 2 tools a week)
  • Many members of Intergroup – particularly the executive members -­‐ are very overweight/obese (and have been for many years without any seeming gradual reduction in weight). Is it right to be concerned this may portray a poor image of recovery, when our intergroup shows a lack of physical recovery? What, if anything, would I say or do about this?
  • At a session at WSBC there was a request for non-­‐OA members (spouse, relative, friend) at the Conference who might want to volunteer to help. What are the Conference and OA views on this as a 7th Tradition violation of being self-­‐supporting?
  • Is there anything in the bylaws of OA that define any “strongly suggested” ways we should not be autonomous with? (i.e., Steps, Traditions, etc.) Is there anything else we need to keep “as is”?
  • Our IG is sponsoring a meditation meeting once a month. The meditation practices have included listening to a tape (outside speaker), writing on a mandala, making positive affirmations. Some of us are wondering if we are beginning to be using outside literature and sources. We are listing the meeting and have registered at WSO. What is your suggestion for our meeting to consider?
  • What do you suggest saying to newcomers who are put off OA by other members who are very overweight/obese but who claim to be abstinent for many years (obviously not in the process of losing weight)?
  • Can you please clarify which, if any, of the following are OA-­‐approved literature? If they are not OA literature, as such, can meetings still use/sell these items? • Recordings of local IG events, Share-­‐a-­‐Thons, etc. • Recordings of Region events, etc. (own region) • Recordings of other regions’ events • Recordings of OA meetings/events that can be downloaded from other IG’s websites (both within and outside our own region)
  • Is it a violation of our Traditions to take photos of a group of people (such as all the Region delegates) with their permission to be emailed to each person in the photo? Should the person emailing the photos caution the email recipients not to distribute to anyone not in the photo or on any social media?

Contact OA in Central Colorado with your own Ask-It-Basket Questions!