Unity Day 2018

On Unity Day members of Overeaters Anonymous remember their need and the gift of Unity! At the same time, across the globe, members will join hands, remember this worldwide shared fellowship, and share a prayer together! Here in the Denver area that moment will be at 12:30 pm.

During our time together on the 24th we will spend time together (read “Unity!!) sharing “Bits of Wisdom,” or what slogans bolster our own recovery. As we share we’ll perhaps even create some new ones!

When: Saturday, February 24, 2018
11:30 am—1:00 pm
Where: Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church, 11500 West 20th Avenue, Lakewood, CO 80215

Suggested Donation: $5 (which pays for the meeting place and materials)
Questions? Contact Rita C. @ 970-333- 4364, or Maureen J. @303-842- 5200

Join us as we recover and discover some wonderful slogans and how they work in the lives of other recovering compulsive overeaters!  Here are just a few examples!

  • Progress, not perfection.
  • Don’t give up until the miracle happens.
  • Easy does it.

Why is Unity important?

“The first tradition of unity reminds us of an important truth: we are not alone. We are connected to our fellow human beings. Our emotional and spiritual health depends upon the health of our relationships. The disease of compulsive eating which once isolated us has now let us to OA. Here…we are learning to connect with other people in ways that will nurture them and nurture us as we recover together.
(The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, pg. 117)



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