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New Recovery Road format for 2016

New Recovery Road format for 2016

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Recovery Road is a monthly newsletter published by the Central Colorado Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous in keeping with our primary purpose to reach the compulsive eater who still suffers. Recovery Road includes program information, Step and Tradition of the month, announcements of local and national events, meeting lists and a directory of current CCI Board Members. Stay in touch and download your Recovery Road here

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A Step Ahead – This is the quarterly publication of Overeaters Anonymous and deals with issues important to all OA members. Group leaders please print and distribute at your meetings or provide meeting members access to this link.

Lifeline Weekly – is a weekly publication of the OA World Service Organization. We archive the most recent editions for your benefit on our Lifeline Weekly page.

Lifeline Magazine – the official magazine of Overeaters Anonymous. Available in print and digital editions. Many describe this as a meeting in a magazine and some members even stockpile issues to read when they’re on the road and away from their home meetings.

OA News Bulletin – Keep abreast of the latest news from OA World Service. Find out about new publications, events, podcasts and more in this informative monthly newsletter. Subscribe to get your own monthly updates by clicking here. Sample an issue below