OA in Espanol Now Online at http://espanol.oa.org

Our Region III Rep, Heidi, reports, “…that OA’s Spanish Website is up and running! The URL is espanol.oa.org. You can also reach it from www.oa.org by clicking on “Español” in the upper left corner of the site.

Below is an excerpt from an article that will appear in the next issue of A Step Ahead:

Spanish-speaking OA members and others around the world now have access to OA’s Web site in their native language. The site features much of the same content as OA’s English site, including sections for Newcomers (Recién Llegados), Members/Groups (Miembros/Grupos), Media/Professionals (Medios de Comunicación Pública/Profesionales) and World Service Events (Eventos del Servicio Mundial).

A link to “Literatura en Español” takes users directly to the Spanish literature that can be purchased from the World Service Office. If users click on “Encuentra una Reunión,” they will find links to OA intergroups with Spanish Web sites listing meetings in many Spanish-speaking countries around the world. The new site also includes links to three Spanish podcasts interviewing OA members from Mexico, Spain and Costa Rica who share their experiences in the program.

With the launch of the Spanish Web site, a key goal on the Board of Trustees’ Strategic Plan has been achieved, and Overeaters Anonymous is broadening its outreach to compulsive eaters who still suffer. (source: http://www.oa.org/news/)

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