Remembering Rozanne

Beyond Our Wildest Dreams is the story of OA told by founder Rozanne SI just got an email from a friend reporting that OA’s co-founder, Rozanne S, recently passed away in her sleep at the age of 84. The celebration of OA’s 54th birthday is coming up on Saturday, January 18. What a fitting time to celebrate her life and the impact her dedication to the program have had on each of us.

To learn more about Rozanne and the beginnings of OA, read “Beyond our Wildest Dreams” available on the OA website at

Remember “Rozanne’s Prayer”

I PUT MY HAND IN YOURS, and together we do what we could never do alone! No longer is there a sense of hopelessness, no longer must we each depend upon our own unsteady willpower. We are all together now, reaching out our hands for power and strength greater than ours, and as we join hands, we find love and understanding beyond our wildest dreams.

We don’t have to do this alone; together we get better.

Bev J
Grand Junction OA

Leave Your Rememberance

If you have a special memory or story to share about Rozanne or her impact on your recovery, feel free to share it below…

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11 Responses to Remembering Rozanne

  1. larry c says:

    I was so lucky to meet Rozanne in 1978 in Phoenix Arizona, a group of us had the opportunity to share with her and I’m also a sober drunk (AA) that didn’t get to meet the founders of that program but to meet Rozanne I was so excited to spend time with her and the one thing I learned about her was the way she representative the OA program in the most human way, she was caring, loving and very honest.
    I felt the need to thank her for what she did to save my life. (Today I thank God for choosing her to start OA)
    Again thank you god for giving us Rozanne
    Larry C

  2. Rhonda says:

    On my 10th OA birthday, I went from the Valley over the hill to the big Beverly Hills Serenity Sunday Meeting to take my candle. Rozanne was the chairperson and gave me my candle. I felt like I had won the lottery. God bless what she did for us all. If it were not for her I wouldn’t know any of you.

    I love you all,

  3. Judith K says:

    Although I never met Rozanne-I feel as though I knew her!
    I have read her story in our OA Book many times.
    I have heard her speak on CDs and videos.
    I came to OA in 1979 and struggled before I was able to become abstinent.
    I thank Rozanne for sharing that even though she struggled-she “kept coming back!”
    I am eternally grateful for OA-as it has changed my life.
    Rozanne, may you rest in peace.
    Love, Judith

  4. Jenny says:

    I never met Rozanne, but I am so deeply grateful for her time and efforts to begin OA. My life has changed because of her work. I like to think of her hand being in mine along this way, even though we never met.

  5. Tom g says:

    The first time I read Rozanne’s story I was captivated by the honesty and heartbreak it personified. It is what made me realize I needed OA and I will be forever grateful for that. What a wonderful woman and a wonderful life of service.

  6. Shelly says:

    Thank You for starting a program that has saved my life!

  7. Heather W. says:

    There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude for Rozane and for OA. My life has been forever changed. Thank you!

  8. Janel D says:

    At the first OA Conference I ever went to I met Rozanne. It was 1981. She was not in the center of things. In fact she… so many of us…..was struggling with the disease. With only 2 years in the program I wanted to see a paragon of recovery……the person I met was a human being doing the best she could … day at a time. That realization has kept me here for 34 years.
    Blessings and Peace to Rozanne and everyone who walks the path each day.

  9. Suveni says:

    It is with sadness that I find out about the death of Rozanne the founder of Overeater’s anonymous. Being out of the program for several years, I recently returned and discovered the stories of her passing in January of 2014. My condolences to all who have been impacted by this lady. I had the honor of meeting her myself at several conferences I attended and was honored to discovered what a lovely lady she was.
    Thank you. Rest in Peace.

  10. Liz says:

    I would like to thank Rozanne S. for her commitment to starting OA and her determination and dedication in nurturing the program from its beginning. She was gifted and generous with her writing talents and her time. I had the pleasure of hearing her speak and met her at the World Service Convention in Dallas in 2000. It was memorable! She spoke a truth from the podium that helped me to recognize I had slipped into a state of “fat serenity” after being in the program for many years and then gaining weight. It was truly a wake-up call, and coming from Rozanne it got my attention! I will always be grateful to her for starting OA, a program so many people call “home.” She will be remembered with much love and respect for lighting and carrying the torch and the message of recovery of Overeaters Anonymous! May she Rest in Peace!

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